Sunday July 9, 2017

Saratoga Spa State Park
Peerless Pool
Saratoga Springs, NY

Half Marathon Start 7:30 AM
5K Start 8:00 AM

Testimonials From 2016 Saratoga Springs Half Marathon

The BEST half marathon in the Adirondacks Period!

Great race, great volunteers, love the shirts, love the medal. See you next year.

I had decided this year I was no longer interested in running races with 25,000 people.I was more interested in small races. I did some research and saw your race. I've been coming to Saratoga for the horses every year since 1978.I figured this would be a perfect race for me. On a scale of 1-10, I give the race a 10 million!!! It was perfect!! As a lifelong resident of NYC we like to think Central park is the only park on the planet, but the park in Saratoga is fantastic!! The course was really awesome as was the start/finish area. A terrific medal and real nice shirt! Plenty of bathrooms and hydration on the course. And the volunteers were great as well!! IN a word, everything was perfect!!!! It's on my MUST RUN list for next year!! THANKS!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for all your hard work putting on the half marathon July 10th. It is greatly appreciated. I had an amazing time even though the weather could have been a little better. I'm very happy that you raised a lot of money for orphans in Latin America. Keep up the good work.

Testimonials From 2015 Saratoga Springs Half Marathon

I loved the course this year, I did it last year as well but loved the shade alongside the highway this year.
It was great, wonderful race, will definitely be back next year again.

Thanks for another great race! See you next month...

Thanks to all the volunteers today. Especially the woman who drove me to the start! I can't thank you enough!!

Crossing the finish line felt so good!

Shout out again to the volunteers manning the water stops!

Great race today! Thanks to all the volunteers and fellow runners who cheered us on along the way to make my first half marathon a success!!

Great race today. Thank you to so many volunteers who helped put this event one. Thanks you also to so many runners and volunteers who gave encouraging support to help me get thru this race.

Nice job to all who ran in this great event and great course

Great run today!

Great event today on a very nice course.

A great race and very happy to support a wonderful cause.

I liked the course very much; very pretty; and the volunteers were great!!!

Loved the race - see you next year!

Beautiful course, great volunteers, and I love the medal!

Loved the race but why weren't the roads closed. There were a few crazy drivers out there!
(Unfortunately the park cannot close down the roads for the length of our event - but we are going to be workign with the park to get more
Park Police help and to see if we might get some one way restrictions to make it a lot smoother next year.)

My first half marathon and I loved it. I will be back next year.


Testimonials From 2014 Saratoga Springs Half Marathon

Thanks for a great race!

Loved the course - but it isn't really flat.

This is the best medal I have ever gotten from a half marathon.

Thanks for the shade out there.

Great race - but why no beer in my mug?

We got to run my birthday race yesterday at the new Strong to Serve Saratoga Springs half marathon in Saratoga Springs State Park. Michael Amarello of 3craceproductions was the RD and he did a great job as he always does! We helped with packet pickup at the new iRunLocal running store in Saratoga Springs on Saturday afternoon and at 5:30 AM on Sunday before the race. The does 2 loops almost of which is inside the park so there is very little traffic to interfere w the runners. There were over 500 runners for this first edition! There were threats of thunderstorms on Saturday, but the weather held off with clouds and sun until the afternoon. But even though it did get Hot, there was alot of shade to cool us off! 3CRP has a whole series of half marathons around NE - CHECK them out!

Thanks for a great race yesterday!

Great race day yesterday!

Thanks for a very nice race. Well directed, plenty of water, course well marked and very friendly volunteers. I had a great time.

Thanks for a well organized race! I thought everything went well - plenty of signs and people on the course for directions!

Thank you for an awesome race! I came all the way from Florida, and this run was so much better organized than most of ours. Volunteers were amazing, spectators were overly encouraging, course was absolutely beautiful, shirts are perfectly bright for my early morning runs in the pitch black and the pint glass is a unique and actually useful award! Thanks again - I had a great time!! :)

It was so much fun!

Loved the race, thanks for all the great organization and work you all put into it!

Thank you so much for a great race, I had a blast, it was well organized and perfect. I didn't know that it was the first annual, will definitely make it an annual race!!!!! I didn't need to start at 7 am after all, and I love the glass you gave me at the end, made it all worth while, thank you very much, looking forward to the next races, you have planned in the area, how do I find out what's next? Thank you.

My compliments to you for a fantastic event. The volunteers were extraordinarily compassionate about making it a great experience
Kudos to every one.

This was a great race. Very well organized, especially for the first one!!

Would definitely run it again!!

Good job!!!!!!!

Thank you again! I got a personal best on a rather hilly course! Can't believe it!